Success Stories

Previous Student

November 01, 2015

My name is G.M. and I appreciate Telos so much! Telos as well as Telos Academy has helped me in many ways during my stay here. When I first came to Telos, I could not manage my stress at all. Since I’ve been at Telos, I’ve learned how to manage my stress level and deal with stress when it arises. One way that I keep my stress low is by taking advantage of Telos’ triathlon training program which I have made a priority in my life. I exercise daily with the Elite team in the early mornings as a way to manage my stress. I have also gotten the structure I need during my times of struggle whether it is a tutor or just help from teachers when I do not understand something. When I don’t need the structure, I am able to manage myself on my own without structure present. Another way that Telos has helped me is that it has given me the opportunity to do my best without feeling like I’m doing it for other people rather than for myself.

Telos has also been very flexible with what my needs are as a high school with what I want for classes or even with things outside school. Telos has also been very flexible with what my needs are as a high school student, with what I want for classes, or even with things outside of school. I am able to participate in the things that I enjoy even if it means missing school as long as I am able to complete the work beforehand or make it up afterwards depending on what the teacher prefers. One example of this would be how I have been given the opportunity to go to dealer only car auctions for personal enjoyment, as I am a dealer and love cars. I really appreciate the individualized treatment I get and have gotten while at Telos since it has helped me so much in my life. This has given me responsibility and accountability to prove myself and further learn to grow in all areas of my life.


Hope for His Daughter

September 04, 2010

Testimony of a Father

Youth Champions charity has donated to a therapist’s daughter. This therapist has spent his career helping youth receive the care that every child deserves. This therapist’s daughter suffered from substance abuse and had been through a treatment program previously but soon relapsed. After finding the right treatment center, the family realized they had exhausted all of their resources and truly needed a helping hand to support them in saving their daughter’s life.


Thank you

October 29, 2015

My family and I are so grateful to Youth Champions for their generous financial assistance last year, which allowed our son to transition from residential treatment to a boarding school for students with non-traditional learning styles.

Andrew, now 16, is thriving in his new school, where he continues to excel at foreign languages. Last year, he thoroughly enjoyed a trip to France with a group of students from the the school, along with the French and History teachers.

Our experience has given me a new appreciation of the financial challenges faced by families with special needs teen-agers. Youth Champions is a lifeline for families like ours.

Seattle, Washington